Speck Plastics offers complete end-to-end services for your plastic parts. We understand some clients need to discuss an invention or participate in a conceptual dialogue with our team while others have a complete part design complete and are ready to start production!

Design & Engineering

Speck Plastics offers customers complete part design and engineering services. All customers are welcome to participate in this process.

Even if you already have a set design in place, we encourage reviewing it with us before starting production. In many cases, we may be able to suggest modifications save money, reduce time, or improve quality!


Tool Transfer

Speck Assist is a complimentary service and part of our complete Qual-Assure process. During Speck Assist, we will either handle all aspects of the tool transfer process for you or collaborate with your Speck Plastics Design Team to create tool and part designs from scratch.


Quality Assurance

At Speck Plastics, we’re so committed to quality assurance in our plastic fabrication and plastic molding that we’ve created a proprietary process completely dedicated to making sure every necessary step is followed in the creation of your part.


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Walter Speck, Jr. operating one of Speck's original thermoforming machines, circa 1959 An operator performing a pressure-forming operation today

Speck Plastics is a family-owned business founded by one of the original pioneers of the plastics industry. Together, with our extended family of employees, we’ve built a company that leads the industry in thermoforming plastics.

We don’t rest there. Speck Plastics offers our customers an experience that simply cannot be found with other companies. We understand that customers are busy trying to get their inventions created, source important components for their machines, or simply produce parts well and for a reasonable cost. We do everything possible to help each and every one of our customers get their parts quickly—and correctly—the first time.

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